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Chitrangada Charity Gala Premiere

Chitrangada Charity Gala Premiere

Address: Gold Hall, Square Brussels, Glass Entrance, Mont des Arts/Kunstberg, Brussels, 1000, Belgium

The third and final film in a unique trilogy of Rabindranath Tagore’s dance-dramas, will receive its world premiere at a charity gala in Brussels on September 23.

Chitrangada joins the previous releases of Shyama and Chandalika, completing a unique set, which has brought Tagore and his works to a new, global audience.

Tagore is best known as a humanist thinker and poet but among his crowning achievements was the creation of a highly innovative, theatrical concept – the dance-drama. This brought together his original dance form and songs to tell stories through the “rhythm of movements, in the lyric of colour, form and sound”. These films bring Tagore's three dance-dramas to life, true to Tagore's conception.

Before the screening of the film, there will be a live, multilingual performance of Obhi and Jayanta Chatterjee’s The Story of Gitanjali, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of Tagore completing the proof of the English Gitanjali by exploring the origins of the collection of poetry that led to Tagore's Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. The corresponding Tagore songs will be performed in the original Bengali by Manini Mukhopadhyay, Sayan Bandyopadhyay and Kaberi Chatterjee.

In line with Tagore's cross-cultural, integrationist approach, each of the 13 Gitanjali poems in the show will be recited in a different language. The cast includes Luisa Castellanos (Spanish), Konstanze Hanreich (German), Ágnes Kaszás (Hungarian), Adriana Opromolla (Italian), Prajna Paramita (English), Olga Profili (Greek), Arlette Schreiber (French) & Josef Schwarz (Czech). The show, which will be narrated and directed by Obhi Chatterjee, will be accompanied by Tirthankar Roy on esraj and Asit Ghosh on percussion.

Two exhibitions provided by the Indian Embassy in Brussels - one on Tagore's paintings and the other on Tagore and the romance of travel - complete the all-round perspective of Tagore offered by the gala event.

50% of any profits from the evening will go to the registered charity Santiniketan Sishutirtha (www.sishutirtha.net).

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